Monday, October 12, 2015

And the Big Ship Went Down

So according to the Daily Mail the U.S.S. United States will finally be sold for scrap.

I sailed on her last year, and perhaps last voyage, in 1969.  She had been built with federal funds in part because she could be converted to troop use.  I was part of a family stationed to guard the Fulda Gap in the 1960's.  In 1969 we came home.  We drove our then exotic Volkswagen onto her and went to our cabins.  Everyday there was a Disney movie for kids in the spacious movie house on board.  Dinner was dress and there were white table cloths.  We entered N.Y. harbor and past the statue of liberty and berthed in N.Y harbor and walked down a gang plank to come home.  My first memories of America are then.  I don't recall anything before I went to Germany in 1966.  But I remember that incredible ship and the three day "sail" to America.

One thing I especially remember besides the Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland, was the portholes.  I've been on cruise ships and they don't have port holes anymore.  Things have advanced so you have big windows.  But The United States had portholes like in the old movies.

She was fast and she was beautiful but all things pass in this world.  I'm one of the youngest people alive who ever sailed on her and I will remember it all my life.


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This is a really nice entry, JJV. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing.