Sunday, January 03, 2016

We Can Make Him Better Than He Was, Better, Stronger, Faster Da Na Na Na.

It has been a while and I missed the 10 year anniversary of the blog.  I can not believe it's that long but numbers don't lie.  What can I post to warrant such an august anniversary?  The internet provides.
As you of a certain age, like Ella McPherson   may remember  There used to be a show called the Six Million dollar man.

Played by Lee Majors he was an astronaut terribly injured in a space crash.  Almost everyone old and decrepit as Ella McPherson (did I note you should click on the link to see what 51 looks like in Australia?) remembers the signature beginning.

"Steve Austin, astronaut,  a man barely alive....We can rebuild him.  Make him better than he was.  Better, Stronger, Faster."  For those who can not there is youtube:

But now technology has caught up.

This must be the feel good story of the New Year.  But is America in the forefront?  No.  We are falling behind to Great Britain.  But as Donald Trump would say,   I will tell you this, if Mohammed here ever gets radicalized the 72 virgins are going to be more surprised than his wife.

You see this is a perfectly constructed blog post.  It began with nostalgia and Ella Mcpherson.  It moved on to nostalgia and Lee Majors in his most geek-tastic role.  It ended with bionic genitalia and a Trump/Moslem joke.

If not for the fact that 10 years have not increased my blogging skill to actually get the links to work this would create one hundred thousand clicks of traffic.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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