Monday, February 29, 2016


Tomorrow is the primary vote in Virginia.  Trump is in the lead.  Senator Ben Sasse has summed it up for many of us that we will never vote for Trump under any circumstances.  The Christy endorsement is proof that despite all those after school specials, sometimes the fat kid just gives the bully all his lunch money and shrugs.  I was a teenager when Donald Trump became a staple of the tabloids during his divorce from Ivana.  He is now and has always been a man of the Left.  He is now just a man of the Left who dislikes Muslims, Hispanics and women who avoid cosmetic surgery.

I left the Democratic Party so I did not have to support people who liked anti-American dictators and loved Big Government, and funding Planned Parenthood.  Good reason to leave the Republican Party if that is what it is for.

Worse, there is no reason in the modern age for Americans to support mass illiterate, impoverished foreign speaking immigration to the United States.  Fine.  We can talk about that.  To nominate a charlatan because you don't like the Republican donor class is like electing a whore because your girl was less chaste than you wanted.

As Taylor Swift might say "We are never, never, ever getting back together."

Christy, Sessions and Hewitt are dead to me.

The idea that anti-Trumpists are somehow establishment enemies of conservatism is laughable.   One year ago if I told Ann Coulter, Scott Brown, Chris Christy, Sarah Palin, Jeff Sessions and Joe Scarborough they would be supporting someone who found it difficult to disavow the KKK, claimed George W. Bush lied us into war, John McCain was not a hero because he was captured, dodged the draft with fake bone spurs, gave money to every big deal Democrat for over a decade, and had cheated on every one of his multiple wives they would call me a fantasist.  But that is what Trump has done to them.

Finally, I've heard Trump is like Mussolini and Hitler. This is unfair.  Both those guys were Vets with detailed domestic and foreign policies.    Trump is the awful crossing of Hughie Long and P.T. Barnum if they had inherited wealth and less concern for the truth.

Trump Delende Est.    


Dave S. said...

So the big question then is: What are you and your ilk going to do in November? I have a sneaking suspicion that you yourself won't cross the aisle...

jjv said...

No, when two candidates are unfit you don't vote or go third party.

John C. said...

My friend Jack Marshall, of ProEthics, is about the most rabid right winger that it is possible to be while remaining partially rational. If it comes to it, if Trump is the Republican nominee (which I still somehow can't imagine he will be) he's voting for Hillary. When someone tried the "but Trump can beat Hillary" argument this was Jack's response:

"if someone like me, who knows Hillary Clinton’s record and character well, rates ethics and character as prime qualifications for President, and who regards her as approaching Richard Nixon as the most dishonest and flawed individual ever to run for the office (but without his talent and skill), would still vote for her to avoid the disaster of Donald Trump, he can’t beat Hillary."

jjv said...

Utterly correct