Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Superficiality*: RNC Edition

*Renamed for greater accuracy!

Many thanks to JJV for covering the late unpleasantness at Weehawken. My only observation is that Hamilton's character was not particularly sterling (not that anyone was particularly clean; "thank God for Franklin" was probably uttered sotto voce more than once), and Burr, for all his faults, was no Trump.

Oh hey, speaking of Trump, the GOP could not have picked a more symbolic place to consummate its primary season than the Mistake on the Lake. So far the convention has delivered on its promise of ragged anarchy, appeals to fear and bigotry, and massive dividends for investors in popcorn futures. As expected, Stephen Colbert is all over it, including a welcome reappearance of his Comedy Central persona, brandishing Sting no less! I suspect I am going to be sleepy at work this week.

Just for kicks I'll pose the same question that I did a while back:

Can anyone present a reasoned, persuasive defense of Trump's fitness to be president, either on his own merits or relative to Hillary Clinton's?

And here is one for the Both Sides Do It contingent: how many major party nominating conventions have featured repeated calls for the imprisonment of the presumptive opponent?


Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for either, but Hillary has had far more brushes with serious criminality than Trump. She has no credibility as a change agent and has failed in every task every given her 1. Health care 2. State Dept. (name one thing better since her watch began. 3. NY Senator-Schumer she is not.

She is a screechy, shifty, mendacious example of the Peter principle and brings with her the Clinton foundation (known to the Justice Dept. as "possible RICO organization" and a grifter who gambols before plutocrats while claiming to be a tribune of the people.

She is a crony capitalist of the worst sort. The thing I find most revealing and delicious is that the Democratic Party has no one willing to reject her for her mendacity, greed and hypocrisy. My Party still has Howard Bakers and yours never will.

Trump's veiled ethno-nationlism is nothing to the Democratic Party's past or its racial pandering present. But every lefty, like good marxists, will move in lockstep to evil as long as it wears the right jersey. We are still, even in this hour, better than you. That is particularly Ted Cruz.

The Clintons can lie, and break the law, rape and defend child rapists and you all march with her. I'd rather be me. The Right, en masse, is walking away from Trump and Trumpism. You always wag your tales for Caeser.


Dave S. said...

Out of genuine curiosity, who are your Howard Bakers and are they allowed communications from the outside, get decent meals, etc.?

JCC said...

JJV, like the party he prefers, never misses a chance to divide and denigrate.

The shot at the Democratic Party for their shameful past during the Jim Crow era is remarkable considering the whole "Southern Strategy" and subsequent domination of the Republican Party by southern White Males still fighting the Civil War in their hearts.

The lockstep of evil comment is also ironic given that in the last 50 years the Democratic Party has never come close to nominating, much less choosing, someone like Trump. To think that the party of Howard Baker became the party of Lee Atwater on the way to being the party of Donald Trump is especially depressing for this former Republican.

I know a startling number of Republicans (including my brother, a retired Colonel, John McCain's granddaughter Caroline https://medium.com/@ccmccain/for-this-republican-never-trump-means-im-with-her-10321e751c6d#.b06weng96 and others) who are openly voting for the very Democrat that JJV cites as an example of the weakness of character of all Democrats. He also is clearly unaware of the whole #bernieorbust crowd.

But then again, pointing out logical fallacies and inconsistencies in JJV posts is a target rich environment. Let's just start with requesting a source for JJV's contention that the DOJ regards the Clinton Foundation as a "possible RICO organization."

LAM said...

What brushes with criminality that weren't trumped up by idiots just trying to make political points, John? That's just a bunch of bunk. You and your ilk created the mess in your party. You own Trump. You may not vote for him, but you cannot walk away from the mess you created.