Saturday, October 22, 2016

Democrats Own This

One of the wonders of the liberal smugocracy is its unerring ability to spot the mote in its neigbhor's eye and ignore the beam in its own.  We have in Hilary Clinton a cleptocrat who has used high office to feather her nest in a way not seen since the Borgias.  Republicans, particularly base Republicans, Mormons, church going Catholics etc.. are rejecting Trump and Trumpism in unprecedented numbers.  But Clinton gets almost no criticism nor do her supporters feel any sense of shame in supporting her. This shows that moral rot is more further advanced in the Democratic coalition--more about spoils than the Republican-and shows why the Democratic Party is a sicker beast.  Part of that sickness is the Press which is simply the Demoratic Party with a byline.

Some of her best friends know what she is:

I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect," Powell wrote. "A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d---ing bimbos at home (according to the NYP)."

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Trump's saying he would tell us later about whether he would "accept" the election or not was not some call to dictatorship.  It was the reality T.V. call for "suspense" as his next words that he would let us know and keep us in suspense were the simple idiocy we have come to expect from him.  The next day he said he'd accept the election results if clear.  I don't think the Al Gore Party which years afterward still had its politicians (including Hilary) saying "selected not elected" really can get on its high horse.

Voter fraud is a Democrat problem that it fights tooth and nail to keep.  Dead voters, illegal voters, multi-votes, all always benefit Democrats and are meant to do so.  Gov. McCauliff in Virginia broke the law to register felons ineligible to vote under the law until the Virginia Supreme Court slapped him down.  This was the entire power of the executive at the goal of voter fraud.  But as Jim Geraghty points out, voter fraud can't steal blow outs.  It operates in the hundreds to thousands not the hundreds of thousands.

Finally, Hilary Clinton is a criminal protected from prosecution by her high station an the interlocking loyalties of those who have corrupted their offices for Party.  Its clear that Obama sent Hilary emails off books and would have been dragged into any prosecution.  Hence, no prosecution.

Her penchant for breaking the laws on transparancy and record keeping are worrisome but more worrisome is that this woman, who gets a pass on rank criminality and record destruction (and has since Whitewater) is going to be President.  And unlike the leniency she receives she wants to jail her critics.  Don't believe me?  That is what Citizen's United was about.  They made a movie criticizing her and the Government wanted to use the statute on how much it cost to jail its makers.  Below is an incisive article on this but the main documents--the Supreme Court transcripts of oral argument are that the Government was pressing to criminalize books and movies, all of them critical of Democrats.

The buffoonery of Trump will pass, the attacks on the Constitution by the Left is permanent and endemic and threatens every dissenting conservatvie voice, every gun owner and every religious believer.  Yet we never hear concerns about this attack on Constitutional norms from Dave.  He just cheers it on.


JCC said...

There is a delicious irony in JJV pulling out the splinter/plank verse. I'm absolutely certain he doesn't see it - but it's beautiful.

Powell isn't a friend of Clinton, btw.

The people that Clinton is supposedly getting a pass from includes and astonishing number of Republicans.

The only way the buffoonery of Trump will pass is if we, collectively, BURY him on November 8. Republicans have been flatly unable to control Trump when Trump has no actual power; assuming that they will do so after he were to be elected is an insane gamble with our Republic. Priorities, JJV, priorities.

Dave S. said...

Damn, forgot to put on a raincoat before reading that. I feel like I just rode the Maid of the Mist.

Just a couple of observations:

1) "Base Republicans" (although I very much like JJV's styling of "base Republicans", has a nice ring to it) nominated Trump and appear to be clinging to him more bitterly that a devout heavily-armed Pennsylvanian. Your buddies in the Federalist Society aren't the base, and they never have been.

2) I'm cool with "selected not elected" and we would still be impeaching President Gore had the popular and electoral vote totals been reversed.

3) Voter fraud is essentially nonexistent. Voter suppression, on the other hand, is all too widespread, and is a Republican problem that, to coin a phrase, it fights tooth and nail to keep, to its lasting shame and infamy. (Sits back and waits for the inevitable pre-1964 Democrat Party invocation.)

4) Your accusation of Clinton's crimes is serious. Someone should investigate that. has the FBI been notified?

5) I make a habit of refraining from cheering on the nonexistent. I get fewer alarmed looks from passersby that way.