Saturday, October 08, 2016

He Is What He Always Has Been

I am in an undisclosed location and so have recourse only to crappy mobile blogging, but what links do you need at this point? What is new now that you did not either know or could infer earlier? Who could be undecided?

Believe me, I understand the support for Trump; I get what he has tapped into.

Those who only now say "Wow, hey, this Trump guy should drop out" really need to ask themselves where they were during the primaries.

This is not a question of finding useable material during opposition research. It's a question of how to drink from the firehose and pass that on in a controlled manner, and the Clinton campaign is conducting a master class as I write this.

You want Trump off the ballot now?! Nice try; he is all yours.


JCC said...

It's disheartening, but the only reason most Republicans are running for the exit (with a hat tip to JJV and others who were already in the #nevertrump camp) is because Trump was already behind. We've already seen the "what's the big deal? Guys talk like this" and the "hey, it was 11 years ago, he was a different guy" (note: Trump tweeted about Anthony Wiener that "pervs never change" - et tu, Donald?). If Trump was even in the polls, much less ahead, we'd see a lot more of this. But now he's just handed out parachutes for those looking to get off the plane.

Because really, NONE of this is news. Trump's big mistake (in addition to trailing in the polls) is that he went after a group the Republicans need. Say horrible things about immigrants? Mexicans? Blacks? Gays? Meh. But say horrible things about a group that includes white women ... NOW you've gone too far, Donald!!!

And even the reaction is f'd up. Paul Ryan's response: "I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified."

Ryan is just taking the other side, the "Madonna" of the "Madonna/whore" complex. That's just the flip side of Trump's disease. Try this instead: they are people, and no person should be talked about like that.

We won't even get to the constant reference to women as "our wives and daughters." Because if they were just women, it wouldn't matter? Oh, right - women only matter in relation to who owns them. Sorry, carry on.

JCC said...

A great point that I wish I'd made: to follow on David's point about the fire hose, I heard the line that "doing opposition research on Trump is like looking for hay in a hay stack."

Of course, the Republicans didn't do that. That's simply incompetence - and cowardice, if a reason that they didn't bring this out is because they feared alienating the "deplorable" side of his voting base.