Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2017 Live Rutablogging!

The pumpkin pies are cooling after an unusually calm crust preparation, so you know what that means. Yes, it's time to make the rutabagas!

I may have gotten a bit enthusiastic in purchasing the largest rutabagas I could find, as Laura reports she is getting quite the arm workout merely by holding one in one hand while peeling it with the other. Here is what we are dealing with, although perhaps I should have parked our car next to them for size comparison. Seriously, these suckers are big.

Back soon with updates!

Update! Peeling and cubing complete. This was indeed a workout; I peeled the last one, by no means the largest one, and it was quite the effort.

Up next, after dinner: Boiling and mashing and stuff!

Update! As promised, it's on to boiling. Exciting before and during, featuring me stirring the pot:

Update! Laura reports that the rutabagas are not giving up without a fight:

Our industrial food processor is laboring mightily to transform rutabagas, butter, salt and butter into a side dish for the ages. Fight fiercely, food processor!

Update! ET VOILA:

Here they are in their serving dish, after a couple of minor seasoning tweaks in which I was happy to participate.

This concludes our 2017 live coverage of rutabaga preparation. Please go back to watching cat videos.

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