Saturday, November 12, 2016


I watched, stunned as Donald J. Trump (DJT) won the election from Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.  It is now Saturday and Trump has not done anything bad.  I'm pretty stunned still.  I still believe Trump will destroy the Conservative movement and does not have the character to be President, nor did I vote for him.  But the inability of the Left to see that is also true of Hillary amazes me.  The meltdown of the Left in the face of all this is, however, a tonic.  I am a fusionist.  I believe that forward defense (NATO), free trade agreements (TPP)(NAFTA) and being a hegemon to prevent wars at sea are all useful to prosperity and freedom.  But DJT destroyed two American dynasties, Bush and Clinton.  The fall of the House of Clinton causes me a kind of joy it is almost impossible to express.  As someone focussed on the Supreme Court the prospect of 20 years of "making it up" to please Progressives being transformed back to an originalist Court fills me with wonder, and a belief in Divine Providence over this nation.  We have unified Republican governance and the Democratic party is a regional, rump organization.  I never believed Obama's mantra that the "arc of History bends towards Justice" but the events of this week seem to prove him right.  In point of fact the Twitter feeds and op-eds claiming that the culture wars were decisively won and no attention need be paid to people like me, seem now as Hubris calling to Nemesis, and damn if Nemesis did not come when called.

My sons ran around the house on Wed morning saying two things "Daddy was wrong!" and "We are doomed."  I wrote them a letter much like John Podhoretz's to his daughter.

Dear T and J:

Trump won.

You will live.

Get over it.




JCC said...

JJV has placed his hopes in a silver lining on social issues on the slender reed of DJT. But I will note that the man that the Republicans did, indeed, come home to (despite JJV's impassioned praise that R's do not, thank you, fall in line the way those spineless D's do) has already called gay marriage "settled law" and declared that transgender folks should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable with. Yes, JJV, the culture wars are decisively won. The evangelicals sold their souls and condemned us all to this flawed disaster of a man ... and in vain.

jjv said...

Trump says a lot of things. Let's see who he appoints to the Supreme Court. I have no faith in him, obviously.