Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Superficiality: Irrefutability Test

As the normalization of the abnormal continues, it occurs to me to ask this:

If barely half of the things reported about Trump and the election - the conflicts of interest, the Russian angle, the cabinet nominations that would make Jay Gould say "Whoa, that's a bit much" - were to be reported about President-elect Clinton  (assuming a rational alternate universe), how would Republicans respond? I am thinking in particular of those principled statesmen Paul Ryan and especially Mitch McConnell, as well as their legislative colleagues with investigative authority.

Can anyone help me out with this?


greenwitch = Pam said...

They would be screaming bloody murder, 24 hours a day! If 75,000 votes were not counted in a strong Republican enclave in a close state? Someone would be banging on the doors of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately there is a great political divide in their country that becomes clearer at times like this: Republicans are much more willing to fight dirty. They relish it. Democrats try to reason with people. And they lose these fights over and over.

jjv said...

The idea that Republicans fight dirty against the pure forces that produced Tammany, the Daley Machine, Harry Reid of Nevada, the Byrd organization of West Virginia, the Clintons, the Chicago way and much, much more is unhinged.

The Senate Republicans are going to take the policy wins they can get in a Trump administration and cause him far more trouble than the docile, corrupt, Harry Reid Democrats ever caused Obama on overreach.

John C. said...

I notice, JJV, that your staunch defense of the purity of Republicans and their ability to stand against evil has resurfaced after a respite caused, possibly, by the ultimately docile response of both the Republican base and its leadership to Trump in the November election - despite your repeated assurances that Republicans would not "come home" to such an unsuitable, dangerous candidate. I am glad that your confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance have kicked in and returned you to your previous stalwart defense of Republicans notwithstanding their repeated inability to deserve it.

Dave S. said...

JJV, you didn't answer the question. That table of yours must be in splinters from all that pounding.