Sunday, January 29, 2017

Setting Sons and Daughters

In the early days of the blog, when the world was young and the GW Bush Administration was stumbling in the aftermath of the Katrina/Schiavo Two-Step, JJV would find obituaries of (usually) British soldiers, diplomats, soldier-diplomats etc and either post them or (before I gave him the keys) send them to me. I am pleased to report a revival of the tradition although these are a bit late out of the gate.

First, the female journalist who broke the news of the German invasion of Poland via a British diplomatic car, and went on to further adventures from there.

Next, the Irish bureaucrat who seems to have created modern Ireland, however anonymously. I'd love to meet him in the afterlife although I suspect I'd get an earful for including him amongst the oppressor.

Requiescat in pace.


smrty.mrty said...

What about Oleg Erovinkin.

onomenurse said...

This is a wonderful piece, thanks