Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Shocked, in the Capt. Renault Sense

So here we are a few days into the administration of Constitutional President Trump, and whoever is surprised by anything that has happened should be heartily ashamed, or should get out more often, or both.

I really don't have much more to say than other, better writers out there, several of which grace the blog roll: Josh Marshall at TPM, the crew at Lawyers, Guns and Money, John Scalzi, and Charles Pierce, to name but a few. Read them, they're great, plus they get paid (more or less) to do that, which means they write more frequently than your humble host.

No wait, I do.

I am beyond proud of everyone who turned out for the Women's March, including Laura and Fiona and half a million of their closest friends in DC, and literally millions more around the country and across the globe. Metro ridership that Saturday took all-time second highest place, between Obama's two inaugurations. Meanwhile, Metro rides on this most recent Inauguration Day fell short of an average weekday. In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, "HAAAA haaa!"

People voted for Trump for a variety of reasons: belief in his promises (granted, there was a lot to choose from), belief that a Republican Congress would restrain him while enacting their agenda, economic anxiety, ignorance, fear, bigotry, etc. (I will be generous and leave out the FBI's thumb on the scale.) All of these reasons took precedence in these voters' minds over Trump's manifest lack of qualifications, character and temperament to assume such high office, let alone any position of public responsibility. No campaign speech or incident, pitched almost unceasingly to the lowest, basest instincts of the GOP base and the electorate at large, from the primaries through the general election, gave these voters pause. Everything this administration does and says is all yours.

The joke's on you. Unfortunately, it's on the rest of us as well.


jjv said...

You forgot they voted against Hillary and Hillaryism. It wasn't like he ran against the second coming of FDR. How come when people vote Democrat it's not for the base instinct of free money from someone else or to get Whitey? People only vote Democrat for virtuous reasons as far as the gentry left is concerned.

What I amused myself with the other day was John Oliver and other celebs begging Trump to run. It is pretty hilarious to watch them now. As Glenn Reynolds says "Choose the form of your destructor."

The other funny thing was Trump completely unaware of the "singing" ceremony where you use a bunch of pens to sign whatever it is they are lined up behind you to watch get signed and then you hand the pen to dignatarys. He's signing stuff with one pen like its going out of style until someone whispers in his ear and he turns to Pence "Here have a pen!"


Dave S. said...

You reminded me of a couple of things I forgot to write, thanks. I'll scribble them up ASAP.