Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season, plus a Digression

Forget the stuffed toys in questionable taste! Who doesn't want to find a Fan Candle in their stocking, under the tree, or used as illumination for a dreidel game?

Sadly, they do not have one for Carissima, nor for whatever song may be sung at Swarthmore, Laura's alma mater. However, on that subject a co-worker of Laura's, also a Swarthmore alum, suggested the following as suitable for Swarthmore sporting events (hint: the college was founded by the Society of Friends):
Fight, fight
Inner Light
Kill, Quakers, kill!

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Anonymous said...

Or, if you want something a little more practical for gameday:

As with the candle, none of our Alma Maters appear to be available..... Oh, well. ;-)