Monday, December 19, 2005

The Countess and the Destroyers (WWBAGNFARB*)

JJV takes us dockside:

Now, other than the monarchy, Commons, Lords and the Sun's Page 3 girls (sorry - not quite that kind of site), there is no greater British institution than the Royal Navy.

[Blog post interrupted for RN website tour. Go on, you know you want to.]

Apparently, in Britain, the Countess of Wessex launches new destroyers.

She seems very attractive which is kind of optional in the Royal family, and I would have thought would be much frowned upon after the Diana experience. However, I was distressed to note that in New Labor fashion, the Royal page noting the launch emphasizes the many jobs these 45 destroyers will mean for Britain, rather than its cool destructive capabilities, speeds and draft, preferred by the maintainer of this site (ed. - Hear, hear [pounds desk with hand approvingly]) and all right thinking Americans (as well as enemy intelligence and Jane's Fighting Ships).

[Jeez, I'm never going to finish this post.]

Fortunately, it will be launched from Glasgow because as a certain Canadian teaches, "If its not Scottish, its crap!"

Ed. note - re the employment possibilities, the Brits could have looked on the bright side with the slogan "Jutland Means Jobs!"

*Which Would Be A Good Name For A Rock Band, shamelessly borrowed from Dave Barry's Blog. Although a Mr. Thorogood might object. As a side note for which this blog should become famous, and which will show how much I get out, my personal record for loudest concert attended was Mr. Thorogood's performance at the Stanley Theater in Utica, NY in the mid-80s.

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Mike said...

That Stanley Theater link goes to "" and a subdirectory labeled "Entertainment."

I was sure that would get a "404 Not Found" error.