Friday, December 16, 2005

It Goes Straight to My Head, then to the Blogroll

In response to my posting on spud guns, commenter Minn. Transplant noted that he learned about this blog via none other than Hugh Hewitt, who kindly complimented the blog's name. I fully admit that this is the first and probably last time that Mr. Hewitt and I will ever agree on anything, but I do appreciate the compliment and you may now find his blog anchoring the right-wing end of the Political Blog Core Sample.

Mr. Hewitt learned of my blog via Galley Slaves, also featured in the PBCS.

Knowing that Hewitt et al. would normally demand equal representation of all viewpoints, I have anticipated this and assuaged various fears by including the top-notch Talking Points Memo to provide fairness and balancedness.

On a related note, Mr. Transplant's blog None too cool kicks off the new Vanity Blogroll section, populated by blogs/bloggers who mention me favorably but do not fit into any of the other categories.

Finally, it figures that the two most popular postings so far, as measured by comments received, involve lingerie and spud guns. This is actually kind of reassuring to me, although once again I will refrain from doing a search on "spud gun lingerie" for fear of wandering into a very bad neighborhood indeed.

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