Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How My Mind Works II

A continuing series blah blah blah

An email exchange with contributor J about lingerie segued smoothly into a Scooby-Doo reference. Seeking to confirm the spelling of "Zoinks!" (integral to my email's thesis) I found this, which naturally led me to seek this (warning: more foul language than fair), which I had first encountered many years ago, photocopied, and lost.

J hastens to point out that it was Velma, not Daphne, who said "Jinkies!", not "Jenkies!" So noted.


Mike said...


I always thought it was "Jinkies."


Dave S. said...

See, you got all excited and exeunted before the last sentence...

Mike said...

I got so wrapped up with my "Scooby Doo Hamlet" Cliffs Notes that I didn't finish the post.

I guess I should be scolded with the internet saying "RTFA," but in reverse.