Friday, December 02, 2005

Michael York, Call Your Office

Potpourri for $500 welcomes new contributor J and hopes this is the first of many, though they don't all have to be about things like the worst lingerie website ever (possibly work-unsafe). J continues:

And here's the sad part: one of the magazines I write for, Ecommerce Guide, picked this site for a makeover, which is how I know about it. It was a three-part series with "experts" weighing in. (Can you tell the editors are all men?) This is the improved version. I fell on the floor laughing. (More than enough silicone/helium to fill two zeppelins! Exotic dance outfits? We got 'em! A leather harness for your man? Yup! It's all here!)

Do check out the "Hot Clicks," particularly the tips for men and women. I have tears in my eyes.


Update: In comments, JJV correctly notes that the site may not be home-safe either. Of course, you could always just throw something in the shopping cart so as to have a plausible excuse. Did I just say that out loud?

Update update: This is a previous version of the site, which Laura points out more accurately reflects the merchandise and, presumably, the clientele. She speculates that in doing the site makeover the designers (and the consultants - "That looks hot!!!") went for the silly romantic look as opposed to the cheesy pathetic look. Laura is also wondering where all the lingerie for pregnant women can be found, but such a Google search is bound to end in tears, or at least any number of unexpectedly bad neighborhoods.

For the record, all research was conducted with Laura in the room, although to be on the safe side I threw these in the shopping cart as cover. "Degraded powers of self-preservation," indeed.

Update update update:
New contender for most romantic word in the English language: Pouches. Apologies to J for the delay in letting this out of the bag (so to speak) after this was brought to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now you're just trolling for hits. Did this "J" go to Luther College? Is this particular post-home safe? Work doesnt' care but certain ladies who can kill you quick might care. Obviously blogging has degraded your normally tremendous powers of self-preservation.


Mike said...

No home should be without the "one piece strappy suspender thong back dancer outfit."

Well, okay, homes without collagen-enhanced lips are exempt.

Dave S. said...


Angeline Jolie just breathed a huge sigh of relief. I now leave the floor open for any and all double entendres.

Anonymous said...

And ladies, be sure to check out, though I'm not I would describe them as "sexy."

Anonymous said...

David, why so...bitter? Set The Mood is a perfectly good website-certainly no worse than a lot of them out there, and their prices are more than reasonable. As for the models-do you actually think the website owners personally select them? Really-what exactly is your problem? Are you really that unhappy? And at Christmas time too. What a pity...