Friday, December 02, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, If You Stand on Your Head

A previous contributor who understandably wishes to remain anonymous (and who claims to have been directed to this by a co-worker - please) has noticed the newest Christmas trend - the upside-down Christmas tree. Apparently it is for rooms with limited floor space or for those who wish to show off their ornaments, but retailers would be remiss not to point out the extra loot storage space under such a tree. Fittingly, it is artificial, pre-lit, and costs $600. Oh, and it sold out.

Some other retailers have joined in the fun.

For all you need to know about Christmas trees, this seems like a good place to go.

After further research, however, upside-down Christmas trees may not be so weird after all.

I know of people who hung their trees from the ceiling (right-side-up) to prevent them being knocked over by cats climbing into the branches. Others took a different approach.

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