Thursday, December 01, 2005

Squirrel News

JJV continues his dominance of the blog outsourcing community with a report from (shocking) the BBC on some decidedly less friendly furry friends.

I strongly recommend following the additional links on that page to other squirrel-related stories, including this one on the use of fake snakes to keep squirrels away from commercial nut trees, which has the wonderful sentence:
Although some members of the public are said to have been "frightened" by the snakes, Dartington Hall said it was better than trapping or shooting them.

In the interest of full disclosure JJV obtained this link from National Review's Corner blog - the focus of right-wing banality in the modern blogosphere. Peruse it if you must but don't say I didn't warn you.

This also reminds me of the time I was accosted by two squirrels in Boston's Public Garden as I sat minding my own business on a bench. One approached me from the front while I swear the other started circling around behind me. I actually got up and went to another bench. Having now learned what they are capable of, I am glad I did.


Mike said...


Did your incident occur during Boston's Great Pine Cone Shortage of '93?

If so, that might explain why those Public Garden squirrels had taught themselves flanking maneuvers.

Dave S. said...

The incident occurred in 1988 during the heady economic days of the "Massachusetts Pine-Cone Miracle," so the squirrels had no excuse.

Mike said...

Yeah, they always said Dukakis was merely riding the coattails of the '80s Big Pine Cone Bubble. Of course, "they" always say hurtful things like that.

On a related topic, have you ever seen Mike Dukakis' official portrait? What was he, a regular on the Rockford Files??