Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Happy New Year!

Many apologies for the lack of posts. No, I wasn't in hiding from Hugh Hewitt's minions. Along with the usual holiday bustle came the excitement of getting to know Bryan and the daily balancing act that is dealing with Fiona now that she is both a big sister (first class) and a Terrible Two (first class with oak leaf clusters, swords, and whatever else you can upgrade a medal with). Strangely, all of this has left little time for blogging, but as we all adjust our lives I hope there will be time to get some posting done. JJV alone has contributed a week's worth of material, for which I am grateful.

Our holidays were spent here in DC, and the occasional crises and difficulties must not obscure the fact that I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, a fantastic daughter and now a handsome son (our dog is also behaving well), and that we had a great Christmas (I got The Complete Calvin and Hobbes! Woo hoo!).

Stay tuned for more Setting Sons (plus an American edition thereof!), 18th century assault boats, and (shocking but true) JJV insults the French!

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