Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Moon Over, uh, Germantown

In a landmark legal decision, mooning has been ruled "not indecent" in the state of Maryland. Details here. The last sentence of the article is fantastic.

The ruling also inspired an email exchange which I have modified, but only slightly, into an edifying Socratic dialogue. The names have been changed (all but one, actually) to give it a more classical feel.

Lipitor: More stupid law. Is purposely exposing your buttocks to strangers indecent? I say yes. The legislature probably agrees. Probably the right decision given the case law but that says a lot about the judiciary.

Vioxx: Aha! But the mooner and moonees were not strangers to each other! What say you now?

Lipitor: I'm not strangers to any of you. I want you all jailed if you expose buttocks to me.

Vioxx: Regardless of jurisdiction? Looks like we can moon you with impunity in Maryland.

Lipitor: That's why I never go there. Not only can't I smoke at a dang bar, anyone can moon me while I drink.

Lunestra: Well, if you don't tell Homer where you're going, he probably won't find you.

(Exeunt omnes)

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Mike said...

I see that the court left as an open question the legal status of mooning variations, specifically that of "pressed ham."