Friday, January 13, 2006

Blogroll Update

News from the right of the page:

Please welcome Rants & Raves to the People I Know, and Their Blogs section. Blogger and IT entrepreneur D.P. Venkatesh is a friend of mine who should be able to provide insight from the nexus of business and technology. Can you tell I've never worked in advertising before?

Meanwhile, the creator of Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, has announced that she is semi-retiring from the site and will serve as Wonkette Emerita. Yes, everyone including Cox refers to "Emeritus" but as a (SNOB ALERT) veteran of three years of high school Latin and the possessor of two diplomas in Latin, "Emerita" is the correct rendering. At any rate, the site is somewhat less potty-mouthed but just as informative and snark-rich as before, so it remains in the Political Blog Core Sample.

(Snob Alert, which does not appear to be that uncommon, continued until further notice as a precaution.)

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