Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hiatus Excuse

My apologies for not posting in the past couple of weeks. The best times for blogging have turned out to be toward the end of the week, but last week was quite busy so no time could be squeezed in at the computer.

On the other hand we had a blast last weekend. On Saturday we went to a huge model train expo run expertly by these folks, so I have begun plotting my return to N-scale empire building. We woke up Sunday to 6" or so of snow that proved to be ideal both for snowman making and for sledding. Fiona piloted her first solo sled while I ran alongside a la Wilbur Wright.

"Faster, Daddy!"

We are off to my folks' this weekend to introduce Bryan to Grandma and Grandpa, so it will be another light posting schedule for the next several days. But I'm glad to get some of the backlog out of the way and keep my loyal readers from worrying too much.

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Inkblot said...

Interesting blog.Will be back.