Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gary Larson's Revenge

JJV dares us to keep track of everything going on in this news item from San Antonio. My only question concerns the "hot grass" and how it got that way, particularly hot enough to do what it did (no spoilers here, you have to read the story). It almost sounds like there was an option to park in cooler grass.


Mike said...

Wow, was that article horribly written. Not only is the hot grass issue unclear, but there's a frustratingly unexplained leap from "the cow" departing the truck (via "spilling"?) to cars hitting "the cows." Just how many cows thusly spilled?

If only 'The X-Files' was still in production. Chris Carter would have doubtless used his 'Law & Order'-esque tendency for "ripped from the headlines" stories (albeit of the "weird news" variety) to proffer the appropriate context to this incident as a different kind of "illegal alien" smuggling operation.

Dave S. said...

The whole Chris Carter thing clears it up. The cows and illegal aliens were one and the same: shapeshifting Amish!