Tuesday, March 21, 2006


This is the one-hundredth post published to Potpourri for $500. I had hoped to reach this marker earlier, but it was not for lack of JJV's posts. Indeed, I am faced with another backlog of unbelievable obituaries and other such news from hither and yon, but I promise to get those out to you as soon as I can, as they are both of high quality and timeless to boot.

A couple of minor administrative notes. First, JJV's snide reference to the reach and impact of my blog has been enshrined in a modified form on the masthead, in return for which I bounced one of his submissions back to him for excessive rightwingedness. Second, I have added a link to a new site pertaining to the fraternity I joined at Hamilton College. I may take the time to write a bit more on the subject at some point, but eccentric overachieving British soldiers keep dying so it is a tricky situation.

Anyway, many thanks to old and new readers alike. Please keep in mind that your initials do not have to be JJV for input to be accepted; in fact, it may actually be an advantage. Send 'em to dmsblogmail-at-yahoo-dot-com and we'll do the rest!


Anonymous said...

"Excessive rightwingedness?" Such a thing does not exist. Like too rich, too much sex, or too low a marginal rate the concept is meaningless.

It was all about Churchill being a honorary Virginian. It was really cool. There is only one response to this type of editorial tyranny.



Dave S. said...

Another response would be for me to remove the above comment but I am not that tyrannical.

There was something else in the article that set me off but I can't remember what it was. I think you will generally find me in the pro-Churchill camp.

LAM said...

Firstly, more than 6 read (at least by one);

Secondly, "Excessive rightwingedness," a bit redundant, no?

Dave S. said...

JJV was referring to the total number of readers of this blog, not the number of posts. Although I worry sometimes that the number of readers may exceed the number of posts if I don't start dealing with the backlog soon.