Monday, April 03, 2006

Ancient SUV's Wipe out Dinosaurs.

Ancient SUV's? Perhaps the industrialization of saurian society? Leonard Nimoy should go in search of once again.


Dave S. said...

The larger, higher-consumption dinosaurs were to blame, not the mid-size and compact ones and certainly not the fur- and/or wing-bearing hybrids.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, perhaps this should be sent to Wonkette but yesterday I saw a license plate from Indiana. The number was "1". It was a Prius (Pious for the South Park guys). There behind the wheel of the Prius 1, at ten to 9 in the morning, was Richard Lugar. Yes I know what he looks like. I am that cool. Nonetheless, do his constituents know he drives a foreign car and him a Republican!


Dave S. said...

I guess his pitch to Big Oil contributors is that he makes their dollars go farther?

And yes, that is definitely Wonk'd material.