Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grave Digger of the Soviet Union

Now, very few men can have ever hoped to get a headline like this from Pravda no less. I won't vouch for the translation, perhaps Dave can help, but ol' Cap would have loved it. It is also remarkable how prescient he was on the use of American troops and the failed missions the guy was against before they failed 1. Lebanon 2. Iran/Contra (the Iran part).

I think about it now and all of the famous and most prominent enemies of the Soviet Union are rapidly departing. Eisenhower, Truman and Churchill lived 20-30 years after the fall of Hitler but the Soviet Union was gone in 1991 and I don't think either Thatcher or Solzhenistin will see the 20th anniversary of that date. I'd be surprised if Havel did. Walesa and Sharansky will probably do it.

I often think one can't be much younger than 40 and remember when the Cold War was a big deal and you chose your college studies and the like by it.

Update 4/4 by Dave S: I may have to dust off the Russian-English dictionary for this one. Weinberger was so against Iran-Contra that he completely blocked it from his memory, at least at the time of the investigation. "Oh, you mean those notes..." Sorry, couldn't resist!

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