Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey! You Kids!

Look what they've done to my blog!

The last week and a half has been keeping me away from the blog, to its extreme detriment I see. In addition to the weekly birthday parties, including the celebration of Fiona's third trip around the sun, we are getting our kitchen redone which required a fair amount of prep work. (Status: cabinets and appliances are in and the countertop people are coming to take measurements today.) Finally, I was in a computer training class all last week which involved a lengthy commute (out to JJV's neck of the woods, in fact; motto: "Don't Got a Car? Don't Bother") and the consumption of vast amounts of coffee, donuts and lunches of questionable nutritional value. Add in the droning quality of even the best training courses (which this was not) and it all adds up to a profound draining of energy.

Now, however, I have begun two weeks of staying at home with Bryan until he begins daycare in May. In addition to doing some actual work, I intend to catch up on blogging. Fortunately I picked up a new filament for the HTML WeedWhacker as I see JJV has left a plethora of links for me to clean up. The day, for which I am not holding my breath by the way, that he figures out HTML tags will be a glorious one.

JJV's hilarious statement about my not paying taxes - I am still wiping the tears from my eyes as I write - reminds me of a friend of Laura's who, when preparing his check for the incredibly honest hardworking selfless employees of the Internal Revenue Service thank you for already direct depositing our refund, wrote "Big rip-off" in the Memo section of the check. Guess who got audited?

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