Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is Best Nuclear Irradiated Site in Vorld.

Recently in formally war torn no go zones like Vietnam and Laos, new species, even large mammals, have been found. The DMZ in Korea is a wild life haven where many species destroyed by industrialization on one side of the border and hunger on the other still exist. Now, we have the Chernobyl land preserve. The question I have is, has anyone done a study on the 300 or so human squatters in this area? I'll tell you this, if there was a nuclear irradiated no go zone in Norther Virginia developers would already have snapped it up. It seems the real problem is with reproducing and mutations. They could use the land for old age homes and singles condos.

One last thing, I think the Ukraine should allow hunters in. There is a market for stalking prey by geiger counter.

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