Saturday, June 10, 2006

Battlefield Daytona

L. Ron Hubbard's minions have set their sights on America's #2 religion by sponsoring a NASCAR car. (That sounds a bit odd. Should we just say NAS-car or NAS(car-squared))?

Pit stops will now include audits along with tire changes.

Side note: I watched part of a NASCAR race the other week and was almost instantly rewarded with wrecks, as well as hearing a miked-up pit crew member shouting "Get the hammer! Get the hammer!" as his team's car rolled up. Unless that was a technical term for something else, in which case I will cover my embarrassment by stating that NASCAR is for losers.

Hat tip to the "somewhat popular" Tbogg.


jjv said...

Hate to tell you Dave but when I moved from the Bronx to Ardsley N.Y. in 1972 we all believed we had moved Upstate. It was not Long Island and neither Lindsey nor Beame was its Mayor, so it was Upstate.

A son of the soil like yourself, used to bucolic ways and simple society, no doubt feels the Hurly Burly of Scarsdale is not really "upstate" but sophisticated cosmopolitans like CRH and I know differently.

Dave S. said...

I believe my previous observation on the subject was "Hmph" and I am sticking with that.