Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogrolling Along

A couple of updates to the blogroll.

First, a new category for blogs on or near DC's Capitol Hill neighborhood. The inaugural blog is the aptly-named Quest for Quiet, in which a Capitol Hill resident takes on a highly-amplified religious outfit given to racist and homophobic invective. It makes going to the nearby Rite-Aid quite the experience. Of special note is Citywide Amplified Free Speech Day, set for tomorrow, June 11 at a street intersection in tony Georgetown.

In the "People I Know" category, I have added the currently-dormant blog of Mr. John Carrington, and also noted the dormant status of D.P. Venkatesh's blog. Hopefully this public labeling of their inactivity will spur them into action, in the knowledge that our vast readership is aware of their blogospheric indolence. On second thought, they're probably safe.

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