Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Bear Threat Metastasizes.

Alright, I made fun of the Germans for shooting their only wild bear. It seems this was only prudent self-defense so that they could prevent it running off with all the schnapps and Schnitzel. As the above post points out the bears of Lake Tahoe have determined to eat barbecue chicken, jalapeno pizza and then mix vodlka, beer and Jack Daniels mixer. Not only this but the marauder did it in a vintage red Buick convertible. I'm sorry, but all this bear had to do for the trifecta was sleep with the guy's girlfriend.

Plus, mixing those alcohols is a sure fire hangover. Large, aggressive omnivores with hangovers are a threat to home and hearth. This bear must be put down. Either that or be required to pledge Delta Kappa Epsilon.

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Dave S. said...

Having been menaced by large, aggressive, hungover omnivores, and almost been thrown down JJV's stairs by one in a pre-hungover state, I can attest that the last paragraph is 100% true.