Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fisking the Fourth

This post, "a fisking" of the Declaration of Independence, is hilarious. I do not know the blogger but he sounds very much like CRH absent an F-bomb or two.

Hat tip Damnum Absque injuria

In the interest of full disclosure I have been accused by, a reporter at the Atlanta Journal Constitution of likely being a Tory during the war for Independence. In fact, here is the comment:

Me Lordship,

Please, lets be honest. you would have been a loyalist, no doubt in my mind, riding around Westchester, burning patriots etc. God Save The King! Lord vecchforth shouted, as he stallion leapt and he tossed the torch on the rebel's barn.

Vile Slander!(the element of truth not withstanding). Taxation without representation could turn me rebel. I've barely accustomed myself to the "with representation" kind. Plus, Hamilton and Franklin also thought the British system the best in the world and only left it after great provocation.


Dave S. said...

Having trouble getting used to taxation with representation? Just move back to DC.

jjv said...

The electorate of DC would vote for more federal taxation, not less. I feel no sorrow for them.