Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Dragons of Cowardice Assault St. George

The retreat of Britain from its ancient glories is partially because of the flacidity of the state Church. The Church of England, born of a willingness to fawn and caper before a corrupt tyrant rather than suffer martyrdom for the One True Faith, has ever after accommodated the ruling errors of the World. Now the World (being the elites who make up all of its dwindling membership in the West) is ashamed of martial virtue and England's history of battling the Moslem assault on Christianity, and the tyrants of the Continent. So they are intent upon changing the patron Saint of England to appease those who approve of beheading Christians and stoning adulteresses.

The British Sovereign (perhaps the only devout and pious CofE woman left in Western Christendom) traditionally dubbed a man knight "in the name of St. Michael, St. Andrew, and St. George." All of that would probably have to go away as well. If men forget their forebearers and spit upon all they fought for and loved what chance their posterity will hold them and the values they believe dear in higher regard? That is how a culture and a nation dies. In modern Britain, do only soccer hooligans defend St. George?

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Anonymous said...

If Westerners won't defend their own culture, Muslims sure as heck won't do it for them.