Monday, July 10, 2006

Sink the Oriskany!

Dave has already posted about this sinking but here are some pretty good pictures he might have missed. Moreover, it appears to have attracted a huge amount of divers and may already have started a reef build up. I have been diving but once (as opposed to snorkeling) and have been unable to devote the time to become certified. Nonetheless, this makes it tempting, especially as it is strategically located next to the Red Neck Riviera. (


Dave S. said...

I saw most of those pics except for the underwater ones. I had not noticed the small boat on the flight deck. Do you think there was a side bet that it would be sucked down by the carrier's sinking?

jjv said...

I read that it was designed to escape.

Dave S. said...

Design, shmesign. Titanic was designed not to sink.

Fun rumor to start: Steven Seagal was kickboxing Christopher Walken on the boat as the carrier sank under it. Clearly, part of me is still on vacation.