Thursday, July 20, 2006

Glen Greenwald's Imaginary Friends

A kerfuffle, as James Taranto would say, has erupted on the internet over Glen Greenwald who Dave recently added to the blog role. It appears that Mr. Greenwald attacks conservative bloggers, and when they respond, different people, with the same IP address as Glen Greenwald spring to his defense. Besides, Patterico, and Ace of Spades, Xlrq has chimed in over this "scandal."

I am outraged. I am scandalized. I am also, of course, not a bit surprised. In actuality what is inherently wrong with using internet anonymity to defend oneself? Greenwald appears not to be my cup of java, but there are worse things than inventing people to defend your lonely self; like looking up Valerie Plame in Who's Who for instance and then revealing that she's married to Joe Wilson.

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Dave S. said...

Greenwald should have stayed out of that neighborhood altogether. There's a proverb about pigs and mud that escapes me for the moment.

While I admit to only a cursory reading of the links cited (one can only read the word "douchebag" so many times before wondering about the underlying validity of an argument), I have not seen a specific refutation of the behavior cited by Greenwald. Frankly, like I said above, Greenwald should have stayed out of that and stuck to his forte of cataloguing the Bush Administration's serial trashing of the Constitution. There, too, I have yet to see a reasoned critique/refutation/countering of the points he makes on that subject.

If only I knew a conservative lawyer blogger for whom Greenwald was not his cup of java. Hmm...