Wednesday, July 19, 2006

When in Doubt, Blogroll

Just enough free time to add some more links to the right.

First off, check out the Nationals stadium construction webcam. Enjoy the progress until the DC Council comes up with some other way to screw it up.

Update 7/23/06 - Boy, that was quick (sub req).

The Political Blog Core Sample continues to reveal new findings, to wit (from leftish to definitely right):

Polysigh, featuring Hamilton College (rah! rah! Dear is thy homestead, glade and glen) professor Philip Klinkner;

The American Scene, puveyor (according to JJV) of "that tony Harvard
undergraduate conservative cred we've been looking for." I was unaware I was on such a quest but it's not the last time my colleague has persuaded me of something; and

The American Princess, whose status as a Weblog Award finalist is balanced (precariously) by a blogroll so toxic that it sinks to near the bottom of the core sample.

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