Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Perils of Vacation

I feel like the past couple of weeks have been good practice for when our kids get older. We leave for a delightful week in Old Forge, only to come back and find the blog littered with the remnants of the conservative equivalent of the "parents-gone" party. While Laura, CRH and I were drinking this, JJV no doubt was swilling this and plumbing the depths of the right-wing blogosphere for stuff to share with whoever is reading this blog.

There is much to catch up on, including a staggering backlog of high-quality Sons of Empire obits. For the moment, though, I will merely update the blogroll in the fraction of spare time allotted to me.

I had intended to add one conservative and one non-conservative link to the Political Blog Core Sample, but link to "American Princess" suddenly does not work. Fairness dictates that I replace it with another right-leaning blog.

Screw fairness. The stack of pizza boxes in this blog's front hallway, not to mention the unformatted hyperlinks ground into the carpet of EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ON THIS PAGE (end parent-of-teen voice), result in the addition of two moderate/liberal links.

First up is the wonderfully named Lawyers, Guns and Money, notable for its rotating selection of depictions of its contributors, good writing, and battleship blogging, of which there is far too little in the blogosphere.

Second is the always thoughtful if occasionally, though appropriately, overheated Unclaimed Territory, better known as the blog of Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald is a tireless chronicler of the ongoing weakening of the American Republic (the system if not the country, although a case can be made for the latter as well) which would have seen any number of investigations, indictments and certainly impeachment proceedings had the perpetrators been Democrats.

It's good to be back.


jjv said...

Light Beer? You wound me. You wound me.

Dave S. said...

Extremism in the service of personal abuse is no vice.