Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And So Sang All of Us

Last Friday Laura and I were at a party at the home of one of her co-workers, who happens to live a few doors down from Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. The party's host let a dozen or so of us up the street for a rendition of "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow[sic]" outside the Wilson/Plame residence. Turns out the family had gone to sleep after a busy day, but a bit later Joe Wilson came by with their two kids to thank us for the PDA (and not so much for the wakeup).

I suspect that none of us will be allowed to go on the White House tour anytime before 2009.

(For those outside the Beltway, Ms. Plame's status as an undercover CIA agent was revealed by White House staffers as part of a campaign to discredit her husband's 2002 trip to Niger, undertaken at the behest of the CIA, to investigate claims that Iraq had tried to acquire uranium from that African country. It turns out that with the adults running the show, lying about a blowjob is much more of an offense than compromising our intelligence activities.)


Anonymous said...

For the out-of-towners, there are a lot of "allegedly"s missing from the first half of the parenthetical. As for the second half, take heed that you should never lie to a grand jury, even if--as George Constanza would say--you really believe it, and you should always keep your WMD in your pants.


jjv said...

"A" blowjob! Apparently, their like potato chips, he couldn't stop at just one! Even more I dont' think people should have to reveal this stuff but unlike Clinton, I didn't sign the law to make getting this infomation easier! But really, does anyone think national security was endangered by Plame? Also, the Novak revalations show it was inadvertant (he got her name from Whos Who!).

And what about Dave! He has now revealed where they live! This is an outrage!

Dave S. said...

JWT is correct. The parenthetical should read "For those allegedly outside the Beltway..." Also agreed that lying to a grand jury is a no-no.

I cannot go anywhere near JJV's remark about oral sex with any guarantee that I can get out safely. Except to note that I really like potato chips.

The question is not what we think the damage of Plame's cover-blowing was. We cannot know for certain, as she was a covert employee (I am not using the right terminology but you know what I mean). We can infer from the CIA's complaint to the Justice Department that it was a sufficiently serious issue to the Agency.

Novak is covering his ass. Substitute "David Corn" for "Robert Novak" and the right would be on this like white on rice.

I apologize for revealing the location of the Plame/Wilson residence, "location" being "some place my wife and I could get to." Like a typical America-hater, my efforts to support my country only make things worse.

jjv said...

Yea, and all the pickets you set up outside of the N.Y.Times everytime they reveal some secret program to catch terrorists are probably responsible for their recent downsizing.

Dave S. said...

Who do you think we hire to make it look like an actual crowd shows up? Best of all, they already know the address.

Anonymous said...

Um, in defense of people outside of Washington, WE'VE HEARD OF THE PLAME INCIDENT! Explanation not necessary.

Dave S. said...

Sorry! I don't get outside of the Beltway myself, so that was my clumsy attempt to acknowledge the existence of life outside I-495.