Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogging on the Edge

JJV and I appear to have found some rare free time simultaneously. However, I am more or less watching Bryan as he crawls around and pulls himself up on various things, including the keyboard shelf. This stretched out the writing time for the previous post somewhat, as I had to compensate for the keyboard moving erratically under my fingers.

Update: I am proud to report that the first book Bryan reached for on the shelf just now was this. On the other hand he just bonked his head on the keyboard shelf. Here endeth the Lileks.


jjv said...

Send it to Lileks. Also children love clowns.

Dave S. said...

The second book he reached for was that book on trains that you loaned me, JJV. It's right next to the Franken, so I will boil it before returning it to you.

Your kids must think your office bookshelf is the Greatest Show on Earth if your assertion is correct.

Fiona is not big on clowns, especially ones who use quick-popping balloons to make balloon animals on the loud-in-general Cape May ferry. At least they didn't let off fireworks.

I will not send it to Lileks. Indeed, one of my unwritten posts is about the pitfalls of writing about your children for public consumption. Not that the public ever shows up here. Does LAM count as The Public?

LAM said...

I'm more of an unwashed mass