Monday, September 04, 2006

That Barney Rubble, What an Actor!

There appears to be no picture of our blogmaster but obviously it is an impressive resume for an East Coast resident of D.C. I for one did not know Dave was in Spiderman. Its this sort of modesty that young people must be taught to emulate.


Dave S. said...

A few points:

1) Are there any West Coast residents of DC? Is that geographically possible?

2) Note that all credits are for off-camera work - set construction etc. (The scene where I hand Tobey Maguire the vise-grip got left on the cutting-room floor.) Modesty times ten!

3) I have viewed this post's title from all angles and cannot figure out the Barney Rubble connection.

Thank you.

jjv said...

There is a scene in Fred Flintstone where a bunch of guys are coming out of a play saing "That Barney Rubble what an actaaa." And it remains for me a saying for people you didn't think could act.

Dave S. said...

If the twins were girls you could have named then Hanna and Barbera.