Saturday, September 02, 2006

Reinforcements, or Then There Were Three

I will respond to JJV's most recent postings in due time, i.e., when I can get to the computer for an extended period. In the meantime, I am pleased to welcome frequent commenter and contributor CRH to the Potpourri for $500 Team.

It took some persistent recruiting to land him, but I think the JJV posts in question helped seal the deal. In response to my latest appeal for aid against the Sorcerer of Falls Church, he responded:
You have shown weakness in the face of his deliberate provocations, and so he has become emboldened. You are, in fact, a "Bombadil Blogmaster", happily skipping around picking flowers and singing songs while evil sidles up and pitches its tent in your garden. Your only option at this late date to deal with the menace, and to discourage his ilk, is to invade.

The Metro runs kind of slow on the weekends but perhaps I have no choice.

At any rate I look forward to seeing what our newest contributor brings to the table. Welcome aboard!


jjv said...

Whatever Dave's skipping and singing habits maybe, I do not sidle. Similiarly, while I am certainly not evil and believe CRH's tactics will only breed more conservatives, I have been wondering exactly how long I was going to have to keep poking this hornet's nest with a stick.

Anonymous said...

Well, John, if you must go poking animals with a stick, watch out for stingrays ...