Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bethany What Can I Do?

Very rarely do I paraprase KISS. But ever since this girl did a piece on Michel Malkin's HOTAIR (link not provided because I'm a mid-20th century guy) I have received questions on who she is. Many people believe that we right-wingers are something like Harvard (or Czarist Russia's) view of the Jews; that we all know each other and meet to plot against the public weal. This is not true.

In fact, I have no idea who she is but feel that the recent announcement that Angelina Jolie will play Dagney Taggert in the Hollywood production of Atlas Shrugged has overlooked Bethany. (Ok, Jolie is perfect for it but I had to get a plug in for what will be the Starship Troopers of 2007!).

In any event, I want to be clear. Many grown men of my acquaintance have intimated that they might deny the efficacy of the market, and affirm the wisdom of the government setting prices if this girl asked them to. I believe they should all go back to buying the berets advertised at the back of the National Review, and using com with that white haired guy who advertises on talk radio with his 20 love connections or whatever, to find a damn date. This woman will turn out to be computer generated by a socially challenged 40 year old who lives in his mom's basement. She is not real. Ask the sweet, pudgy girl at the Duncan Donuts out for coffee for crying out loud!

I drank with Ann Coulter when she was young and fat. And you Bethany are no Ann Coulter.

(disclaimer) By fat, I mean at 1:00 in the morning at the Mayflower Bar with Sam pouring the drinks, you could not see through her.

(further (and updated) disclaimer) I do not know Ann Coulter. We met briefly long ago. We do not meet to plot against the public weal (see above).

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