Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Will Not Sit Still for This!

Occasional commenter JWT brought this situation to our attention. I can't say I am absolutely opposed to making little kids sit on the toilet, but I know that JJV considers unisex bathrooms to be either the Fourth or Fifth Seal. On the other hand there will be quite a commotion during bathroom breaks at father-son outings to sports stadiums.

Hopefully pending immigration legislation in Congress will staunch the, uh, flow of polite Scandinavians to this country and reduce the threat to the livelihood of this country's men's room attendants.


jjv said...

We may, on the otherhand, have to take Nordic refugees, forced to flee from an overbearing "nanny" state if you will.

Dave S. said...

Yes, for those who refuse to sit, the writing truly is on the wall. And sometimes the floor.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that I can contribute to the potpourri. I will only add that I have recently been an overseer of male toilet training and note that the sitting position is no guarantee of crackshot aim. In fact, take it from me that the range of the mess is far greater from the sitting position. Thus, regardless of position, it is still essential to establish a good technique. As long as you have to teach technique, why not teach the poor lad to pee standing up?


P.S. If you two cannot agree even on this, the basis of your friendship utterly escapes me. I grant that your diametric opinions on good beer ensures that you will never fight over the same last bottle. That's all I can come up with, however.