Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Annual Rutablogging

Once again we are contributing rutabagas to the Orpans' Thanksgiving feast. This year the rutabagas are even larger than last year's rutabagas. I hope to update this post with some photographic evidence, perhaps comparing the rutabagas to an above-average 3.5-year-old and an above-average 11-month-old, depending on whether I can get Fiona to approach what are indisputably formidable root vegetables. Bryan will simply chuckle and attempt to throw one or more of them. There is also the time factor of having to wrangle the kids while Laura tackles the rutabaga preparation.

Who says we don't live life on the edge?

Update 11/25/2006: Here is Bryan with one of the smaller rutabagas. He did in fact chuckle and attempt to pick it up, as predicted:

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