Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scowcroftian Scribbling

A meme is developing in the liberal press that the wise Bush I now will struggle mightily to save the foolish Bush II. Newsweek is a prime purveyor of this rot, but Maureen Dowd and the NYT are in line as well. John Meachem writes with rare insight, for a liberal, on religion. Here however his powers fail him and he falls into every cliche and falsehood of the MSM. Bush II has been "unilateral" is the most risible. That Scowcroft, Baker and the rest have "realism" that leads to good results is the worst falsehood and the one that may doom our war effort until we are hit harder by enemies made stronger by these fools.

Brent Scowcroft and James Baker are mainly known for a preference for oil soaked dictators over democracies, including Israel. They are the types who urged Bush I to give his "Chicken Kiev" speech calling for the maintenance of the Soviet Empire in lesser form. They have made a living off of Sunni Saudi Sheiks and never stray far from that nest of vipers' interests.

Bush I was given the greatest geostrategic gift of any American President and failed to win a second term. He had no vision and that lack of vision lead to his defeat. The press and the Democrats love him because they were able to roll him. He was their patsie on taxes. He signed the Disabilities Act that is a regulator/plaintiff's attorney's dream. He did not finish off Saddam, and failed to use the political capital of that victory to achieve anything. And he certainly never called for freedom for Eastern Europeans tired of the Soviet Yoke. The exact policies of caving to Arab despots in return for stability that lead to 9/11 is now being touted by these "wise men."

I hope Bush II does not abandon the Iraqis who trusted us. Scowcroft and the rest allowed them all to be butchered in 1991. There is something worse than death and defeat and that is dishonor. This foreign policy team is dishonorable. We have the choice between dishonor and war. You choose dishonor and you will still get war. Despotic sheiks won't save us no matter what these "realists" think. Iran, Syria and Al Queda all sense victory from the fall of Rumsfeld and the Democrats victory. Baker, Scowcroft and the rest will sell it to them cheaply. They are well manicured swine with the morals of Borgias. That is what "realism" is; the acquiescence in the destruction of Israel and complicity in maintaining a jackboot on the Arab face forever.


LAM said...

You just keep staying the course John. The rest of the world knew; the rest of the country just woke up; and you just stay the course.

jjv said...

I have never been for "staying the course" except to topple Syria and Iran. Stasis is not our friend. Similiarly if a reasonable consenual gov't is not possible in Iraq then we must back a man or group strong enough to crush Al Queda and do our bidding within reason. We have far more strength and cards to play than Iran and Syria do. We should be pushing them, not retreating.

LAM said...

A strong man? Didn't we just topple one? You want a mulligan!?

Dave S. said...

Better a mulligan than a mullah.