Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A woman is only a woman but a good cigar has no gender.

No election day predictions. I merely await the verdict of the populace. I link however to a piece that I could not make up. Parody is dead. Apparently, New York City, land of my birth, will shortly allow people to simply say whether they are male or female without needing any corresponding proof or even an "operation" that revoves primary sex characteristics(but cannot change the person's sex). We are what we feel like. I can think of very little that more clearly delineates the Left's argument with reality than this.

Already damaged individuals are going to be helped along in their madness by the City of New York. Now, think of something far less clear than sex (I use the term as the word gender is specifically used by the Left to delineate that it is not innate but socially constructed); that is, race. Can you imagine being able to pick your own race on your birth certificate? Would the City of New York allow this? Likely not. A much greater proportion of the populace might change races for various reasons with terribly politically incorrect outcomes.

Can I say I have brown eyes when I have blue? Isn't that fraud? Which is more relevant to who we are, eye color, race or sex? Like Steve Martin in the Jerk, every Rockefeller could be born a poor black child.

If the typical American was reminded of what goes on in NY and Massachusetts on a daily basis no Democrat would ever be elected West of the Hudson, and East of the San Andreas Fault ever again.


Anonymous said...

I have no argument with the idea that a self-proclaimed "choose your own gender" policy is idiotic. I will just quietly add that local Government idiocy is not a uniquely blue state phenomenon.

But that's the beauty of local Government in a decentralized system - the local Government is reasonably free to be responsive to the idiocy of their own unique electorate. What a country! :D


Dave S. said...

Did you use special booster rockets to reach such a high level of dudgeon?

And what exactly does go on in Massachusetts on a daily basis?