Friday, January 26, 2007

Shatner Material Achieves Critical Mass, But Lapped by Shatner Himself

Two separate bits of Shatneriana seen in two days + sleeping family = Shatner blog post.

JJV sent me this touching tribute to George Lucas delivered by WS at a recent AFI gathering. Shatner appears to have survived the event despite violating the Howard the Duck fatwa which even Rushdie still respects.

Then I saw a link to this interview in Time magazine, referenced by JJV's "Mirror, Mirror" counterpart Eric Alterman. I initially hesitated to refer to Alterman but a link to Hot Air sends the gloves flying off.

In the oldie but goodie department, check out the Star Trek inspirational posters and, of course, the only word you need when you've been buried alive, buried alive...

Finally, please do check out Free Enterprise if you have not already done so.

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jjv said...

Michelle Malkin is the Kahuttu woman, innoculating us against the bites of liberal Mugato everywhere.

Other similarities are coincidental.

Also, given your recent brush with the razor are you now "good" Dave?