Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Talk About A Movie Idol

Tom Cruise as the "Christ" of Scientology? Was his coming foretold? The Sun is a tabloid but the Scientoligists are weird enough to push this idea. Way back in the 80's a friend of mine worked for the Scientoligists in their big blue building in Los Angelos. My girlfriend and I visited the fortress against Aliens (never let it be said I do not know how to show a girl a good time), and this mole took us around the place. He was a non-scientologist and simply sold their books (OK, mainly "Scientology"). One of the amazing features of working there were "Memos from "L. Ron." Though he had been dead for years by then, everyday a memo came down From:L.Ron Hubbard to the rest of the crowd.

Moreover, they had a device called "the cans" that tested one's Scientology powers. The next year I revisited Los Angelos with another friend of mine and experienced "the cans" on Hollywood Blvd. Wouldn't you know? We had remarkable prospects for becoming "clear." Only a small fee would get us going.

My friend in the Scientology building explained that there is a huge difference in treatment of regular scientologists and "celebrity" scientologists. There is a tremendous amount out there on L. Ron and the Scientologists that reveals the nature of the beast, so I won't go into it here. Nonetheless, I have always been amused that Hollywood is the institution most susceptible to this nonsense.

Tom Cruise was in "Risky Business" and had other roles that loom large for guys who came of age in the 80's (Can you hum "Danger Zone?"). Its ashame he has gone off the rails. I feel very bad for his kids both those in Australia he must rarely see and this new sensation fathered with a girl who, it seems to me, was not even born when he was dancing around in his underwear to Bob Seeger.

So lets see, not only has he dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, he has divorced two women and is on his third marriage. He is a huge star mobbed the world over and is one of the richest stars in Hollywood, and most famous men in the world. He was the first actor to have a day set aside in his honor in Japan. (All courtesy of Wikepidia). Yes indeed humble sacrifice for humanity is the story of his life. A Christlike figure indeed.

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LAM said...

I think you need to drink a lot of water for the "can" test to be "clear"; stay away from the asparagus, though.