Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Withering of the State, eh., or The Great Red North

One of the glories of the Anglosphere is its apparently natural resistance to Communism and Fascism. Nonetheless, there are always outliers and early in the last century these groups had many adherents in the U.S. and Britain, especially Communism. Western Communists always angered me (and I was not keen on the other kind). Now they are just pathetic. This article on the Canadian Communist Party convention (65 members and doggone it no pension plan!) warmed the cockles of my heart. Like cargo cultists awaiting the return of the planes in the pacific these icy would-be Bolsheviks keep the flame alive.

Socialism is not my cup of tea but at least the social democracies kill civilization slowly, allow Multie-party voting and do not threaten other countries (except with high-minded hectoring). Further, rent seeking behavior and legislative assaults on property and liberty will always be with us whatever label its perpetrators go by. But to actually admit in this day and age to be a Communist is mindboggling.

Workers of the World Unite....and heckle these boobs.

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Dave S. said...

Whither Canada, indeed.