Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crazy (Miniature Iron) Horse

As a once and future model railroader I have mixed feelings about a revival of the hobby being engineered (hee yuk) by sales of commemorative-type train sets, as seems to be the case vis-a-vis Harry Potter and Thomas.

The most shocking thing about the above article, however, is the revelation that Neil Young owns 20% of Lionel! I mean that in a good way, of course, although JJV would certainly lament the simultaneous Canadianization and flannelization of a 1950s icon.

Although I have watched only a couple installments of the Thomas ouevre, I was struck, as a fan of steam locomotives, by the stupidity of Thomas as he and his other steam-powered friends cheerfully fraternize and promise to cooperate with diesel engines, airplanes and buses, all of which will have the little blue cretin wheels-up on the scrap-heap in a matter of years. Of course, these are effete British prototypes; the American Challengers and Big Boys didn't lay down without a fight.

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jjv said...

I believe Thomas and his British friends are counting on the cozy relationship between the Government, labor and Sir Toppam Hat to provide subsidies for ineffecient steam engines in perpetuity.

Sodor appears not to have the type of capitalism that is red in tooth and claw.